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Houston-Made Ty Doran Talks His New TV Role

The Kinkaid School alum plays a featured role in the brand-new Hulu streaming series All Night.

By Holly Beretto May 9, 2018

There’s nothing the Bayou City loves more than seeing one of its own succeed, which means Houston is really going to dig this news: Actor Ty Doran’s new series, All Night, hits Hulu May 11, with the 20-year-old in one of the featured roles. The series was created by Jason Ubaldi as a collaboration between Hulu and AwesomenessTV.

The Kinkaid School alum and Northwestern University sophomore plays Bryce in the 10-part series about high school seniors at an all-night graduation party intended to prevent illicit post-grad bacchanalia (spoiler alert: which, of course, it doesn't). The students are looking toward their future, and thinking about all they haven’t done in high school—and what it would take to check those last “what ifs” and “I want tos” off their lists.

“He’s a little high-strung,” Doran says about his character. “He can’t let things go, he’s got this vengeful spirit, which I don’t like. But he’s also willing to grow, and I love how he changes across this all-night party.”

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Ty Doran

Doran, who might be best known for his recurring role of Peter Tanner on American Crime, which was filmed in Austin, is no stranger to acting. He’s appeared in productions at the Alley Theatre (“For like, seven years, I did A Christmas Carol,” he laughs), Black Lab, Catastrophic and other companies. At Northwestern, he’s studying theater on the pre-med track.

He was cast in All Night last summer. After hearing of the project, he taped an audition from Northwestern and sent it in. Last summer, he was in Los Angeles, and the creative team brought him in for a screen test.

“'That was fine. See you Monday,’ they said,” he remembers. “Four days later I was on the set. It was wild.”

Working in a featured role was a new experience for Doran, who said he loved the energetic vibe on the sound stage in Canoga Park outside L.A.

“They had a DJ on the set," he says. "I don’t think I met anyone over 30 or 40. It was nice to have people who were excited to be there.”

On American Crime, he recounts, he’d come in for his scenes, but he wasn’t a regular on the set. In the role of Bryce, he was on set nearly every day, and had the chance to talk about character development and share ideas not only with members of the cast, but also with the director and showrunners.

“It was great being allowed to have some input, getting to bring your own vision to what’s going on,” he says.

The shoot took two and a half months, and, while Doran thoroughly enjoyed himself, he says right now he’s concentrating on finishing up finals, and heading back to L.A. for the summer—after which, he’ll be back on the Northwestern campus in Evanston, Illinois.

“I took off a quarter to shoot All Night, so I am committing myself to school,” he says. “I’m passionate about both my pre-med and my theater studies, and I picked Northwestern because it has great programs in both, and I want to keep both those doors open. Someday, I’ll have to decide, because of time limits and what people are just physically capable of doing. But today is not that day.”

All Night premieres Friday, May 11, on Hulu at hulu.com/all-night.

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