Day for Never?

Day for Night Is Done (For Now, at Least)

Both Free Press Houston and the Day for Night Festival are for sale following allegations against founder Omar Afra.

By Morgan Kinney November 16, 2018

The music festival heavily featured art installations such as this one, "Light Leaks" by Kyle McDonald and Jonas Jongejan.

In a statement posted early Friday morning on the Free Press website, creditors announced the public sale of "FPH Chicken Holdings, LLC," the legal entity that includes both Free Press Houston, the publication, and Day for Night, the three-year-old music and art festival. The news effectively ends any hope for a Day for Night 2018.

Fans of the popular festival have been in limbo ever since August, when two local women published affidavits accusing Free Press Houston publisher, Summer Fest founder, and Day For Night Festival founder/CEO Omar Afra of sexual assault. Although Afra publicly denounced the allegations as "lies and fabrications" in a Facebook post, Day for Night quickly severed ties and seized control of the festival's assets.

The sale will occur November 26, and it should be said that a Jeff Bezos–style party billionaire resurrecting the festival (and newspaper) remains a totally rad possibility—one hopefully free of alleged abusers.

You can read the full statement (reproduced below) here.

FPH Chicken Holdings, LLC intends to hold a public sale to the highest qualified bidder of the purported assets and financial interests of former owner Omar Afra and related entities, including but not limited to Free Press Houston newspaper and website, Day For Night Festival, and Our/Houston Vodka distillery business on Monday, November 26, 2018 at 11:00 a.m. at the Offices of Pagel, Davis, and Hill, P.C. at 1415 Louisiana Street – 22nd Floor, Houston, Texas 77002. The sale will be subject to any superior liens and security interests.

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