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5 Things You Must Do This Weekend, Jan. 18–20

No, we should not fear the Super Wolf Blood Moon.

By Morgan Kinney January 17, 2019

Alley All New Festival

Jan. 18–27 | Alley Theatre

This fourth-annual festival presents readings and workshops of the works you'll likely see onstage next season. It's all good stuff, but you especially won't want to miss a sneak-preview of Mr. Texas, Lawrence Wright's still-in-progress musical paean to Texas politics.

Tickets free (reservation available). Alley Theatre, 615 Texas Ave. 713-220-5700. More info at

Paula Poundstone

Jan. 18 | Wortham Center

Let the folksy Midwestern drawl wash over you as Wait, Wait...Don't Tell Me! panelist and quirky comedian Paula Poundstone takes the stage for an evening of observational humor and frank microadvice.

Tickets from $40. Wortham Center, 501 Texas Ave. 832-487-7041. More info and tickets at

Nancy Littlejohn Fine Art: The Grand Opening

Jan. 19 | Nancy Littlejohn Fine Art

The local art scene was abuzz back in November when news broke that Nancy Littlejohn was set to reopen her namesake gallery in a prime River Oaks location; big-name hires include Director Emily Griffith and Curator Bill Arning, who recently made an abrupt exit from his post atop CAMH. The inaugural show, a solo exhibition devoted to Houston painter Paul Kremer, opens Saturday.

Free. Nancy Littlejohn Fine Art, 3465 B West Alabama St. 832–740-4288. More info via Facebook.

Wild Moccasins w/ Dega

Jan. 20 | Satellite Bar

Arguably the city's buzziest local act, Wild Moccasins swings back through town on yet another tour for their most recent album, Look Together. The record is good from top to bottom, as we wrote last summer, and they put on a great live show.

Tickets $10. Satellite Bar, 6922 Harrisburg Blvd. More info and tickets at

Super Blood Wolf Moon Watch Party

Jan. 20 | George Observatory

On Sunday, January 20, beginning at approximately 9:34 p.m., Houston will experience the only Super Blood Wolf Moon for the next 18 years. Basically, it's a total lunar eclipse, and the moon will be red. Pretty cool! The Houston Museum of Natural Science offers an amusing primer on its blog, Beyond Bones, that likely answers whatever burning questions you may have, including:

Should I be afraid of a super blood wolf moon?

Short answer: no. Some online sources claim supermoons have a strange gravitational effect on the Earth that increases the chances of earthquakes. However, supermoons are just full moons that occur when the Moon is at perigee. The moon reaches perigee once a month, it’s a common and danger-free event.

That being said, although Super Blood Wolf Moon is is a benign force who means no harm, it is advised that you do not look too long into Super Blood Wolf Moon’s eyes as this may invoke a hypnotic trance under which you will become a pawn in Super Blood Wolf Moon’s secret plot to restore lunar worship, conquer all humanity and found the Grand Empire of the Moon.

You can observe the phenomenon at the George Observatory located down in Brazos Bend State Park, either on their observation deck or through the telescope. Rice University will also offer public viewing opportunities at its campus observatory.

Tickets $10. 21901 FM 762 Rd., Needville, Texas. 281-242-3055. More info at

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