After months of planning and work, project co-curators Linda and Simon Eyles, Chris Silkwood, and Kelly Simmons, and engineering and project consultant Gus Kopriva (owner, Redbud Gallery), finally got to raise their glasses to toast the 2019 launch of the True North Sculpture Project, a series of eight art instillations stretching from 4th to 18th streets along the esplanade of Houston's historic Heights Boulevard. 

The launch party was hosted here at the Houstonia house with a group of underwriters, artists past and present, project organizers and board members from the Houston Heights Association.

The 2019 pieces will be on display until December 15. This year's artist lineup includes Jill Bedgood, Jeffie Brewer, Jeffrey Foster, Meredith Jack, Peter Managan, Michelle O'Michael, John Runnels, and Damon Thomas. You can now grab your own little piece of True North history by ordering the True North 2019 art catalog via Bookemon. The catalog details the history of art on the boulevard, tells the artists’ stories, and of course captures the images of the 2019 sculptures.

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