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See the First Official Trailer of Netflix's Upcoming Selena Series

Part One of the new biographical drama about the life of the Queen of Tejano Music drops December 4.

By Emma Schkloven October 27, 2020

Are you ready to bidi bidi bom bom, Houston? Netflix dropped the first official trailer of its upcoming biographical drama, Selena: The Series, yesterday, and it looks as AH-MAZING as we’d hoped. To be fair, though, we’d expected nothing less seeing as the scripted series—the first part of the limited series comes out December 4—has been executive produced by the Quintanilla family.

There’s a lot to unpack in the 2:24-minute trailer, from glimpses of a young Selena (newcomer Madison Taylor Baez)’s childhood in Corpus Christi, to her first recording “Baila Esta Cumbia,” to some of her RodeoHouston concerts in the Astrodome. The final shot at the end sure looks like the singer in her iconic purple jumpsuit that she wore in her final 1995 performance.

Overall, it’s the perfect blend of nostalgia and emotion we need right now—one that hints at the depth and detail in the story’s trajectory (it looks like we’re going deeper into the Quintanilla family, the Los Dinos band, and the toll of Selena’s rising fame than we saw in the 1997 movie), without giving away the tragic end, if you somehow don’t know it. 

But one aspect stands out above all the ’90s throwback clothes or the oh-so-familiar melodies, and that’s Christian Serratos. We simply can’t say enough about The Walking Dead alum in the title role. She has completely shed the post-apocalypse gore, transforming into the Queen of Tejano music. Plus, it doesn’t hurt that she looks just enough like the real Latina singer to make us suspend our disbelief.

Personifying an icon as big as Selena was always going to be a monumental task—so monumental, in fact, that only Jennifer Lopez and Maya Zapata have ever attempted it—but it appears the 30-year-old actress is ready for the challenge of her life. “She paved the way for Latinas and inspired so many to continue in the face of adversity,” Serratos wrote in an Instagram tribute to the late singer back in March. “I will be forever grateful for the memories she has give me, and what she’s done for women like me and my daughter.”

Of course, it’s too soon to say whether the limited series will be a hit with Houstonians. But based on the trailer, we’ve already got chills.

Part One of Selena: The Series will premiere on Dec 4. More info at

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