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Just How Far Can Your $5 Donation Go in Houston?

Even the smallest amount helps.

By Laura Furr Mericas December 7, 2020 Published in the December 2020 issue of Houstonia Magazine

Yes, there are so many ways we can and should be making our world a better place right now that it can sometimes be over- whelming to contemplate. But take heart, even small acts—and, more specifically, small sums—can make a dif- ference for those in need. A $5 donation to a local nonprofit can help feed the hungry, heal social wounds, keep Houstonians healthy, and more. And a larger donation can ... Well, you do the math.

A $5 donation helps provide:


... hot lunches at The Beacon's Day Center for Houston’s homeless population.

2 of the 25

... loaves of bread for The Center for the Healing of Racism’s Opening the Bread Basket program that educates children about different cultures.


... KN95 masks for doctors in Houston and throughout the U.S. from Sewa International, a Hindu humanitarian nonprofit.

About 1 day

... of utilities for a local refugee family when donated to Interfaith Ministries.


... percent of an APIS Air Pollution Monitor that Air Alliance Houston is working to install throughout the region for about $13,000 a pop.

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