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This Houston-based HGTV Show Is a Pinterest-Dream Come True

Jon Pierre and Mary Tjon-Joe-Pin's new show, Two Steps Home, airs Wednesdays at 8 p.m. CT.

By Brittany Cristiano July 6, 2021

Image: courtesy HGTV

Many Houstonians are no Stranger to Reality TV, like husband-wife duo Jon Pierre and Mary Tjon-Joe-Pin, who are currently starring in their second (impressive) reality TV show, Two Steps Home, which premiered last month on HGTV.

In the show, the couple, who together own Harper Raine Homes (named for their daughter Harper, 6), helps all sorts of Houstonians navigate their home-selling-and-buying adventure by using a foolproof two-step process. First, Mary uses her interior design skills to stage the client’s home and get the house in tip-top shape for the market.

“Every house is different, so I approach it that way," Mary tells Houstonia. "And I also approach it based on how I’m feeling and how the clients are feeling."

Simultaneously, the realtor of the two, Jon Pierre, helps the client steer through the sometimes-tricky housing market of the Bayou City. Once the house is sold, the extra profit then goes into buying the client’s new house and renovating it to their liking. 

For Mary, decorating a client’s new home is about functionality as much as it is about the aesthetic. Yes, you’ll see styles like neutral traditional or modern eclectic, but not without making sure the house fits in with the client’s life. “I ask [the clients], ‘What’s y’all’s normal routine?’ or ‘How do you live throughout the day?’, and then take that and approach the design of the house,” she says.

We know the Tjon-Joe-Pins are used to using their reality TV platform to show off Houston. In 2019, HGTV premiered the couple’s first show, Going for Sold, where they flipped less-loved houses around the city. While Going for Sold focused solely on flipping houses, Two Steps Home focuses more on the real-estate aspect of the flipping process—Jon Pierre’s forte.

Image: courtesy HGTV

Between taking care of their two kids, Harper, 6, and Grayson, 3; tackling home project (like revamping their barren backyard); and even spending time alone together, the couple says they love working together and making client’s dreams come true. 

“Whenever you’re buying a home, you’re buying a dream and a future, and so it’s really cool to be able to provide people with the actuality of the vision that they have,” Jon Pierre says.

Two Steps Home takes you all over Houston, including inside the 610 Loop, like the Heights, which is Mary’s new favorite neighborhood. “During the show, I fell in love with the Heights,” the Louisiana native says. “It reminds me so much of New Orleans, Louisiana, and all the historic homes.”

The show also gives some love to out-of-the-loop neighborhoods, too, like Oak Forest, Spring, Richmond, and more. However, it was a house in southwest Houston—which you will probably see in the finale, adds Mary—that was her favorite project of the whole season. (Jokes Jon Pierre to his wife, “Every house is your favorite house, though.”)

“It felt like a ‘finale house,’” Mary explains, proudly. “It really transformed; it’s a very sexy house, and when we were working on it, I was like, 'This is where the grown-ups live or go to to have a good time.''' 

New episodes of Two Steps Home premiere 8 p.m. CT Wednesdays on HGTV. More info at

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