Houston pianist Joseph Fuller. 

Child prodigy Joseph Fuller is an accomplished pianist and composer. He holds an advanced degree in piano from Baylor University and has performed with some of the world’s best opera houses, including the Houston Grand Opera. Fuller recently released his sixth album, Reflections of Tomorrow. Filled with melodic instrumentals and chords that evoke emotion, the project marks the Houston native’s first work as a composer. 

Reflections of Tomorrow was conceived during the COVID-19 pandemic and is a result of the deep introspection and his experiences with losing a loved one. The album features 10 emotionally charged tracks that came together in two intensive months. Recorded at the Steinway Selection Center in Houston, the project takes listeners on a journey of emotions. Navigating a world stricken by grief, making music allowed Fuller to embrace his vulnerability. “So many of us tend to put that off but I allowed myself to feel those feelings and wrote out of that place,” he tells Houstonia. 

Fuller shares that his 10-track-album is sequenced chronologically, to help tell a deeply personal story. Reflections of Tomorrow opens with "A New Day," a track about happiness and joy, then moves to "Lost In Your Eyes," which details a love story. "Remembering When" describes the feelings of letting go, and "Never Too Far," is a ballad about grief. 

Although the Recording Academy member loves working with others, he privileges the freedom that comes with having creative control of his work. "It feels liberating. There’s something extremely unique about that feeling. I’ve written arrangements in the past, but this, it’s almost like a baby," he says. I don’t have kids but this is 100% mine, and I am so unbelievably proud of it because I created everything from the ground up, there’s nothing that nobody else had their hand in."

Without the immense pressure from a music label, Fuller was able to develop original work on his own time. He recalls that through his creative process, he would "write in his sleep," and would dream of melodies suited for the project. "It’s probably the most organic thing I’ve done," Fuller says. "I’m so glad I honored it."

In just the first three weeks of its release, Reflections of Tomorrow surpassed 100,000 streams, a milestone that sets the album out on a path for success. Using music as a healing agent, Fuller has taken on a post-quarantine world feeling restored and liberated. 

Listen to Reflections of Tomorrow on streaming platforms now. 

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