At six-foot-three-inches tall, Bo Bundy (Jorge Frias) resembles an offensive lineman, or a wrestler, ready for any desmadre that life throws his way. Instead, he’s a rapper, and a pretty good one. 

 Bundy, who hails from "El Northside" of Houston, raps in both English and Spanish, sometimes with pitched-down samples of classic cumbias from Mexican groups like Los Pedernales, Tropical Panamá, and Los Terrícolas. He refers to this slowed-down music as ‘atornillado’ (tornillo means “screw” in Spanish). The link between Bundy’s Spanish raps, Houston, and DJ Screw culture is clear when you listen to his music, especially his freestyle over the June 27 beat. He released his latest album in a screwed and chopped-inspired version as well.

Listening to him, you can hear that Bundy is a student of Spanish rap and H-Town hip-hop, but his everyday driving music includes country music from bands like Flatland Cavalry, and his friends Koe Wetzel, Parker McCollum, and Giovannie & The Hired Guns.

One of Bundy’s big dreams is to release an album with songs that will include every aspect of his persona – the Mexican side, the country side, the rap side, and especially the emotional side.

“The last three songs of my El Unico Desmadre De Mi Madre album were extremely personal, and people really seemed to relate to that” he says. The album, released last year, has a title that translates to “My mom’s only mistake/My mom’s number one mistake.” It was released on the hit California-based Rancho Humilde label, which is the top label for Spanish rap and trap corrido coming out of the West Coast and Texas.

Bundy’s album featured Riff Raff, and members of The Sauce Factory. The album was largely produced by his longtime collaborator Vaccid (Rolando Jasso), who helped him snag a viral hit with the song “Mi Barrio.”

When he says “Puro pinche nawfside still holdin’,” on the track “Vida Lujosa,” off the album, he’s talking about an experience informed by Space City. His music connects H-town to his motherland of Mexico through its language and the audience it's trying to reach. Bundy is making sure Houston is on the map, and representing for the fanbase of trap corridos, and the new generation of Spanglish rappers.


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