Of all of Houston's many cultural groups, one of the largest includes people of Mexican decent. The city's population is made up of  more than 2 million people of Latino origin (more than 40 percent of the Houston-area population) and 70 percent are Mexican.

Those cultural ties were on display recently at a celebration in Moody Park in the Northside of Houston, marking the Día de Aztlan.  That term comes from a name created to identify the land north of Mexico, in the southwest US, that was coined during the Chicano pride movement of the 1970s.

The name Aztlan references a legend that says the area of the southwest is the spiritual land of the Aztecs, the indigenous people of Mexico. 

Houston Brown Berets try to preserve this culture. Some of the group's members participate in this yearly event, celebrating Mexican American, or Chicano, cultural pride. The celebrations feature music and traditional Mexican food, as well as ceremonial Aztec dancing.

The cultural pride on display was a reminder about Houston's great diversity.

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