Houston celebrated Hispanic Heritage Month this past Sunday at Midtown Park for the annual Latin Festival

From flags being waved and tied like capes to t-shirts embroidered with large letters; Houston’s colorful latin community showed up in full effect. Fabian Rojas, an attendee of Puerto Rican descent, was beaming to celebrate his community after a feeble year. 

“There is no festival better than the Latin festival and like we say, 'ay bendito, no hay una fiesta mejor,'” Rojas told Houstonia. “We get to celebrate our heritage, and even now during Covid, we can still get together and have a good time.”

Throughout the day, the park was flooded with vibrant performances every hour, stacked tents tabled with customary boutiques, and traditional mouthwatering dishes. To kick off your welcome, attendees were presented with a drink ticket from Old Parr to exchange for a ginger ale cocktail made by the brand’s whiskey topped with an orange garnish. 

Among the delicious eateries were Sugar Grill Cafe’s mouthwatering Plaintaintarts, De Mi Fogón’s Colombian Arepas and Tex Chick’s flavorsome Puerto Rican Empanadillas. To cool off, everyone waited in line for freshly squeezed lemonades mixed by Texas Funnel Cakes and More. 

Brazilian-American songstress Gisele Duque took Latin Fest by storm with her star studded vocals in Portuguese, covering a fan favorite “Magalenha.” With her adrenaline pumping from closing her set, she tells Houstonia although Brazilians don’t speak Spanish, it reflects how the Latin community feeds off each other's energy with their warm nature. 

“Even though Brazil is actually the only country in Latin America that speaks Portuguese, it's so good to see everyone here together,” Duque rejoiced. “Our culture of being Latin and loving and so warming around each other, it's amazing.”

View photos taken at Latin Fest above.

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