A Gamers Guide to Dungeons & Dragons Spots in Houston

A coffee shop, a bar, or a comic store—where will your next adventure begin?

By Alexia Partouche

Circle of Barhaven is a D&D community that hosts games at local bars across Houston.

It’s been a while since season four of Netflix’s Stranger Things premiered, and for most, heated Dungeons & Dragons games are no longer on their minds. But if you were enamored by Eddie’s riveting storytelling, or if you noticed that Erica forgot to roll damage on her campaign-ending turn, then the game doesn’t have to be confined to the screen.

Whether you’re just learning the rules or you’ve been playing since the third edition came out in the early aughts, Houston is full of Dungeons & Dragons hotspots. We’ve compiled a trusty guide to the best places around town to play D&D, so you’ll be able to find them easily, no perception check necessary.

Asgard Games

3302 South Shepherd Drive, Inner Loop

Asgard Games’s spacious interior has more than enough space for players of Magic: The Gathering, Warhammer, and D&D to coexist peacefully. Rows of tables take up most of the store, while shelves stocked with tabletop games, card sets, and miniatures are crowded into the sides. There’s a stocked bar in the back, so you can stay fueled up with energy drinks and beer. Unsurprisingly, Asgard Games’s popularity with those in the inner-loop has made it quite busy (and loud) at times, so consider renting out their private room for a quieter D&D experience.


Circle of Barhaven supplies its own certified dungeon masters to lead games, and it welcomes players of all skill levels.

Circle of Barhaven

Multiple locations, Inner Loop

Contrary to popular belief, the hardest thing about Dungeons & Dragons isn’t learning the complicated rules or creating an efficient character—it’s actually the gargantuan task of finding people to play with. That’s where Circle of Barhaven comes in: a D&D community that hosts games at local bars across Houston during happy hour. The organization supplies its own certified dungeon masters to lead games, and it welcomes players of all skill levels, meaning it’s the perfect matchmaker for both newbies and experienced players. Join short- or long-term campaigns, theme nights, and even community events. Circle of Barhaven has three main locations in the innerloop including Penny Whistle Pub, Rudyard’s Bar and Grill, and Richmond Arms, with plans to expand out to Pearland and Katy eventually.

Coral Sword

1318 Telephone Road Ste.3, Inner Loop

This East End coffee shop’s vibrant exterior channels the action happening within its walls. The shelves are stacked with tabletop games and comics, the walls are decorated by replica swords, and the tables are often occupied by Magic: The Gathering tournaments and drop-in D&D games. Coral Sword’s menu is a sweet bonus: nitro Thai tea, house-made cold brew, and enough crisp, flaky pastries to keep you sustained throughout your roleplaying journey.

Dragon’s Lair 

21155A Highway 249, Tomball Parkway

In this northwest Houston locale, cats roam the floor and every game of D&D is watched by an audience of bobble-headed Funko Pops. Buy a set of dice (and a giant 20-sided die plushy) before heading to one of the shop’s many tabletop game tables. Dragon’s Lair keeps its event schedule packed with everything from short drop-in games (that fill up fast) to long-running campaigns, so no matter what D&D experience you’re looking for, you’ll find it here.

8th Dimension welcomes you to join their volunteer dungeon masters for incredible adventures.

8th Dimension

15558 Farm to Market Road 529, Copperfield Place

To the untrained eye, 8th Dimension looks like a regular comic book store, and most days, it is. But if you happen to wander in on a Friday evening you’ll find that all of those comics are just a front for the store’s lively D&D nights. No matter what your experience level is, 8th Dimension welcomes you to join their volunteer dungeon masters for incredible adventures that span much of the evening and will bond you to your fellow players for life. And while you’re there, you might as well buy a comic or two.

Golem’s Gate

4645 South Main Street, Stafford, TX

Don’t let the plain stripmall location fool you—if you’re near Stafford, this is the place to play D&D. A medieval door decal and fake iron bars along the entrance immediately immerse you in a world of fantasy, complete with fake torches and a mounted dragon’s head. Inside, adventuring parties are huddled around tables and games are in full swing. To participate, head to the store’s site, where experienced and aspiring dungeon masters alike pitch their campaign ideas to anyone willing to play.

Time Loop Arcade

22210 TX-494 Loop, Kingwood, TX

If you and your friends want to play, but don’t know where to start, Timeloop Arcade has you covered. Located in Kingwood, the arcade’s unsuspecting exterior hides rows of retro arcade games, a laser tag course, and most importantly, a tabletop gaming room. Timeloop Arcade offers 2-hour games run by their resident dungeon master, who’ll walk you through everything from filling out a character sheet to participating in combat. By the time you leave, you’ll be capable of keeping the adventure going all on your own.

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