Joshua Martinez

I stopped by the much-ballyhooed downtown ramen shop called Goro & Gun at 306 Main Street for the first time on Tuesday afternoon. This proved to be a foolish move, as the hipster soup kitchen and bar was closed. Josh Martinez saw me snapping a photo of the closed sign, so he opened the door and invited me in.

Goro & Gun was open last Friday and Saturday, then it closed for three days. This was always the plan, Martinez told me. They hoped to get the bugs out after the first two days in business. The weekend opening gave them an idea of what to expect and where the problems were.

"We got rid of the combi oven and put in more gas burners," Martinez said, showing me around the newly revamped kitchen. Keeping up with the orders for ramen required more noodle-boiling pots than the owners had orginally planned for.

I saw a huge pot of the milky pork stock called tonkotsu cooking. A busy ramen shop goes through so much of this stuff, they have to make huge quatities in advance. And it takes 18 hours or more to cook each batch. Goro & Gun opened again on Wednesday, so go get a bowl of noodles and see what you think.

And if you've never heard of Goro & Gun, the lead characters in the Japanese "ramen western' called Tampopo, here's the movie trailer:

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