Lunching Solo

Korean Short Rib Tacos at Shepherd Park Draught House

Sometimes all you need is craft beer, wifi and some pub grub.

By Amber Ambrose April 23, 2013

Lunching solo: Some find it uncomfortable, others find it preferable, and I find it necessary from time to time.

The "throne" inside Shepherd Park.

Laptop in hand and on a search for wifi, craft beer, and an easy place to park, I landed at Shepherd Park Draught House one drizzly afternoon. The friendly bartender suggested the lounge-y area up front for maximum space and comfort. It felt a little odd eating lunch seated on a high-backed black-leather couch that would fit right in at Christian Grey's Red Room of Pain (not that I, um, know anything about that). However, the plush-velvet throne catty-corner from my perch did provide an interesting view. 

I ordered a Southern Star Bombshell Blonde, a great middle-of-the-day beer and a nice foil for the Korean short-rib tacos. The soft house music matched the mood of the gray, hazy day outside.

Quicker than I could type in the password to the wireless network, the bartender brought my beer, and five minutes later, the colorful plate of tacos, rice, and beans.

Korean short rib tacos.

The three tacos were drizzled with hoisin sauce and a potent chili aioli and garnished with a simple red cabbage slaw and cilantro. The pulled short ribs had a carnitas-like consistency, and the combination of flavors was satisfyingly spicy on an otherwise blah day. Luckily, I filled up on the tacos, because the rice and beans left much to be desired. The mound of black and white was only edible after copious amounts of Cholula were dumped over top.

It didn't really matter. The tacos were tasty, the beer was cold, and the wireless internet was speedy, and that's all I was looking for.

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