On The Table

Out of the Box: Dim Sum Box Is Redefining Iconic Chinese Dishes

Gilbert Fung is on a mission to tell his own story, redefining what dim sum can be while maintaining the elements that make dim sum dim sum.

09/28/2022 By Phoebe Gibson

Best New Restaurants 2022

Houston's Top 20 New Restaurants

We eat—a lot. Here are 20 of the greatest restaurants to open up over the past year, broken down by neighborhood.

09/19/2022 By Mai Pham, Phoebe Gibson, and Daniel Renfrow Photography by Shannon O'Hara and Kat Ambrose


11 Essential Indian Food Restaurants in Houston

Restaurants such as Da Gama Canteen and Udipi Cafe serve some of the best authentic Indian food in Houston.

06/21/2022 By Phoebe Gibson