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Moon Tower Inn

Wild game hotdogs, hamburgers and 66 craft beer taps

By Leslie Sprague May 10, 2013

The infamous Moon Tower Inn reopened in January with more craft beer taps, an expanded menu and slightly more attitude (if that's even possible). There are more picnic tables, a fixed-up ladies room, and even a men's room (no more porta-potties). There's a bigger kitchen and a new brewhouse to prepare for MTI's emergence on the brewpub scene. Moon Tower is currently running several specials including movie nights on Tuesdays, all-you-can-eat-crawfish on Sundays (while the bug season lasts), big beer mugs (buy the mug, get cheap refills) on Mondays, and various rotating food specials. (Call for details.)

Dogfish Head's Indian Brown and Cedar Creek's Lawn Ranger at Moon Tower Inn.

I visited Moon Tower on a warm afternoon to get my hotdog and beer fix and decided on a dog made with wild boar, garlic, Marsala, and provolone. You have various toppings to choose from, such as onion, more cheese, Sambal mayo, creole mustard, and more. The spicy Sambal mayo goes well on pretty much every hotdog they make, and was my sole topping, so as not to detract from the delicious dog and soft, chewy pretzel bun it is served in. To wash it down, I chose Dogfish Head's Indian Brown Ale, an old-standby and the perfect beer to pair with spicy foods. It's slightly higher in alcohol than your standard brown, but the creamy, toffee, and chocolate flavors will keep you coming back for more.

The wild boar, garlic, Marsala, and provolone dog topped with spicy Sambal mayo

The casual atmosphere makes you feel like you're hanging in your own backyard. When the brutally hot summer that's around the corner finally arrives, the open-air patio here will be most attractive late at night. Keep an eye on Moon Tower's Facebook page for updates on daily specials. If you are repelled by foul language and lots of attitude, you might think twice about hanging out here. But the hotdogs and beer selection are so good, it's hard to really care.


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