The Highland Cheeseburger at Up

The Highland Cheeseburger at Up is a large lunch.

By Robb Walsh May 28, 2013

While researching the Top Burger story that appears in the magazine this month, I tried the Highland Cheeseburger at Up Restaurant in Highland Village. It boasted an amazing array of ingredients—a three-quarter-pound patty of house-ground beef, topped with sauteed onions and two-year aged cheddar on a toasted brioche bun spread with truffled aioli, with pickles, tomatoes, and baby arugula on the side.

Up Restaurant
Second Level 3995 Westheimer Rd
(713) 640-5416 

After piling the condiments on the burger and slicing it in half, I discovered that the patty, which I had ordered medium-rare, was pretty much raw in the middle. I thought about sending it back. But when I stopped and thought about it, I realized that unless you cook it sous vide, there is no way to get the middle of such a big burger patty cooked to the same degree of doneness as the outside.

So I chalked it up to experience—at $14 it was an expensive lesson.

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