Hot Dogs

Fat and Happy

Happy Fatz is a hot-dog lovers' destination, with great desserts.

By Robb Walsh June 13, 2013

Of the 12 hot dogs on the menu at Happy Fatz, the namesake Happy Fatz is one of the three most popular—it comes with tomato, chopped onion, bacon, cheddar cheese, a dill pickle spear, and yellow mustard on a sesame seed bun.

Happy Fatz
3410 White Oak

The "Texas Chile" dog with Shiner Bock chili, Fritos corn chips, and onions is another of the top three, as is the "Clucker," a breakfast dog with hash browns, bacon, and an over-easy egg on a toasted bun. All the hot dogs here come with a Hebrew National quarter-pound, all-beef wiener and your choice of kettle chips, slaw, or fresh fruit.

PB&J Cake

Located in a little house on White Oak a block or so off of Heights Blvd. (around the corner from Revival Market), Happy Fatz is a low-key hang-out with wooden tables and a couple of seats out on the front porch.

The bakery case is full of tempting cakes, cupcakes, cheesecakes, scones, and other fresh sweets that are baked on the premises. Don't miss the peanut butter and jelly sandwich cake.

There is an espresso machine if you want a coffee with your breakfast hot dog. The cappucino here is topped with so much foam, it looks like an ice cream sundae.

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