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Amazing Fried Chicken

If you love fried chicken, stop by Liberty Kitchen some Wednesday.

By Robb Walsh August 14, 2013

Chef Travis Lenig of Liberty Kitchen & Oyster Bar thinks his fried chicken is the best thing on the menu—and we won't disagree. He brines his chicken, then marinates it in buttermilk before finally getting around to dredging it in seasoned flour and frying it for the Wednesday special.

The technique is very close to the famous fried chicken recipe of Edna Lewis.  Edna's recipes were published in The Gift of Southern Cooking, co-authored with celebrity chef Scott Peacock. Many authorities consider Edna's recipe the ultimate southern fried chicken recipe. After the brining and buttermilk soaking, Edna fried the chicken in a skillet full of hot lard with a little country ham and a stick of butter added for flavoring. Lenig has his own secret flavorings.

Chef Lenig makes 50 plates of chicken for lunch and 50 plates for dinner. You get a leg, a wing, a breast and a thigh with fries and coleslaw, hot sauce syrup and bacon cream gravy to dip the chicken in as you go. We made the mistake of ordering some mac and cheese for the table. Oh well, you can always take a few pieces home for later.

A cold piece of fried chicken and a beer makes a lovely midnight snack.



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