The Provolone Cheeseburger at Américas in The Woodlands

It's a yummy Provolone burger with mustard and aioli, but what makes it Amazonian?

By Robb Walsh August 6, 2013

Check out the Amazón burger on the lunch menu at Américas in The Woodlands. It features a big, juicy, perfectly-cooked premium beef patty topped with melted Provolone cheese sitting on a pile of bacon, avocado, crisp lettuce, tomato, and pickled onion. The sweet sourdough bun is spread with zesty smoked mustard and jalapeño aioli. It's a gourmet burger, well worth the $13 price tag. But we wondered what Provolone, mustard and aioli had to do with the Amazon (or Amazón).

The hamburger is the blank canvas of Houston cookery. The multicultural variations under "Mutt City Mash-ups" and "Latino Burgers" in our Top Burgers issue boggle the mind. But unlike the $8 hamburguesa gigante at Tortas El Angel, the Amazón burger doesn't come on telera bread with refried beans or jalapeños. And unlike the $6.25 hamburguesa estilo Monterrey at Tostada Regia, it doesn't have a thin slice of ham or Chihuahua cheese on top. Compared to the Japaneiro's burger with plantains and chimichurri at Guru burger in Sugar Land, the Amazón burger doesn't seem very Brazilian either.

When we stopped by the Cordua company website this morning, we read: "Since his first restaurant opened in 1988, Nicaraguan native Michael Cordúa has long been recognized by national, regional and local food press as the pioneer of Latin cuisine in the United Sates (sic). What Julia Childs (sic) did for French food, so did Cordúa for Latin."

Wow! We had no idea. Who are we to question the Latin Julia Child(s)?

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