The Drawl

Hitting the Bottle

Lone Star customizes its bottle caps just for us.

Illustrations by Lucky 11 Studios September 30, 2013 Published in the October 2013 issue of Houstonia Magazine

For years, The Drawl—who can do little when drunk besides drink—has struggled with those fiendishly difficult rebus puzzles on the underside of Lone Star bottle caps, routinely passing them on to Darla, his fellow barfly and unfailing cornhole partner, who is both puzzle mistress of the pub and capable of opening a longneck with her teeth. Recently, however, Darla has noticed something new puzzle-wise (or, as she puts it, dey maig dem bol cap diffent now). No longer content with being the National Beer of Texas, it seems, the folks at Lone Star are customizing their pop-tops, brazenly making a play for the Houstonia market.

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