Whole Pies or by the Slice at Pizza L'Vino

Get your quality New York-style steel oven pies on Waugh.

By Robb Walsh September 25, 2013

For lunch the other day, the editorial staff ordered a 16-inch New York hand-tossed pizza with unbleached white flour crust from Pizza L'Vino. We ordered the topping style imaginatively titled "Most Ordered," which includes red sauce, pepperoni, Italian sausage, black olives, sauteed mushrooms, and Wisconsin mozzarella. The pie took about an hour to arrive and cost $21.

Pizza L'Vino
544 Waugh Dr.
713 526 1000

We set the oven at 400 degrees and put a pizza stone in place when we phoned in the order. When the pie arrived, we slid the slices onto the hot stone. After a few minutes, the crust was very crispy and the cheese was gooey. We put the slices back in the box and put them out on the counter. The pizza was excellent—it disappeared within seconds.

While it may not quite measure up to coal oven greatness, L'Vino Pizza is making a quality New York-style steel oven pie. (There is also a Chicago deep-dish and a crispy Ultra Thin.) And the Waugh location is right down the street from the Houstonia office.

The operation is geared for pick-up and delivery orders. There aren't any tables. But in typical New York pizzeria fashion, there is a stainless steel counter along the front window where you can eat a slice. A single cheese slice is $3, a slice of sausage pizza is $3.50. There are cold sodas and beers in a refrigerator case. But sadly, the classic New York cheese slice accompaniment—orange soda—is not currently available.


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