Avocado Makes Whataburger Practically Health Food

A Whataburger with jalapeños and avocado is practically health food.

By Robb Walsh October 8, 2013

Whataburger #2 with jalapeños and avocado

Image: Robb Walsh

Since today is Whataburger founder Harmon Dobson's 100th birthday, we are devoting our Gastronaut coverage to all things Whataburger today. My colleague Katharine Shilcutt has already shared the news about the $1 Whataburger offer later this evening. But I couldn't wait—I ate my happy-birthday-Harmon Whataburger for lunch. 

I got a #2 (double meat) with jalapeños and avocado. I'd been meaning to try this combo for a while. It was pretty good overall, but there was a dissonance in flavors; the avocado and jalapeños clashed with the generously applied yellow mustard. I think I will tweak it next time and leave off the mustard.

As Ms. Shilcutt observed, Texans go "bat-guano crazy" over the most minor changes in the Whataburger menu. And that's a good description of my wife's reaction to the news that Whataburger was offering avocado as a burger topping.

My wife insists on buying expensive organic fruit and vegetables for our home. She never feeds our kids processed foods. She even makes me prepare hummus from organic garbanzo beans because she doubts the provenance of the stuff sold in plastic containers at the grocery store. But every now and then, I find a wadded-up Whataburger bag in the front seat of her minivan.  

Recently, she brazenly brought her Whataburger bag into the house and sat down and ate at the dining room table. Her burger was topped with avocado and jalapeños. The addition of the vegetables and the exclusion of processed cheese (she never eats cheeseburgers) made this burger different from all other burgers.

"It's practically health food," she declared.

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