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First Look at Crawfish House

These grand opening prices are the best deal on crawfish in the city—but BYOB!

By Robb Walsh January 27, 2014

Check out the mudbug prices at the grand opening celebration of Crawfish House, which opened on January 17. Crawfish are sold by the bucket or half bucket here, not by the pound. The waiter told me a half bucket holds around two pounds of crawfish. There were also two potatoes, one piece of corn, and a chunk of sausage included without an extra charge. The half-bucket price was $12.99. A full bucket is an even better deal at $21.99.

Crawfish House
8200 Wilcrest 

Flavorings include garlic and butter, Cajun seasoning, Thai seasoning, and the house special featuring all of the above. Heat levels are mild, medium, spicy and extra-spicy. A squirt bottle of butter and another of mayonnaise are delivered with the crawfish. I asked for the "house special—spicy," and it was just about perfect for my tastes. I made a dipping sauce by squirting a little of the mayonnaise on my plate, mixing in some of the cayenne and salt blend, and squeezing in a little lime juice.

Crawfish prices at Chinatown restaurants are currently running $7.95 to $8.95 a pound on average; the corn and potatoes are add-ons at 75 cents to 99 cents a piece. So the crawfish at Crawfish House are a bargain, not to mention much larger than the ones being served at Crawfish & Noodles and Wild Cajun. And there were none of the suspiciously squishy ones that you get at other restaurants that make you suspect the kitchen is trying to stretch your order by adding frozen crawfish to the live ones.

If you go to Crawfish House anytime soon, be forewarned: BRING YOUR OWN BEER! The menu advertises beer prices and even happy hour specials, but the restaurant is still waiting for a liquor license. Of course, bringing your own six-pack makes the good deal on crawfish even better since you won't be paying a mark-up on the brews.

How long the good deals on crawfish will last is anybody's guess, but they won't last forever. Crawfish House in located in the former home of Que Huong Restaurant on Wilcrest at Beechnut.

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