Hair of the Dog Ice Cream

From Crown Royal to Bailey's Irish Cream, you can get a cocktail in a waffle cone at Frozen Cafe.

By Katharine Shilcutt January 2, 2014

Frozen Cafe has long been my go-to for exceptional ice cream, gelato, and frozen yogurt in a variety of inventive, homemade flavors. Some days, it's their old standby that I crave: avocado gelato, smooth and buttery and sporting that same sweet, grassy note you find in pandan, another green-hued ingredient found incorporated into Asian desserts. Other days, it's the sillier stuff: Almond Joy- or Twix-flavored ice cream when Frozen Cafe decides to mimic popular candy bars.

Right now, it's the dessert shop's boozy ice cream I'm in love with. If you need a little hair of the dog, post-New Year's activities, you'll find a lot to love in Frozen Cafe's ice cream case.

Unnamed yenh6m

Current cocktail-based creations include a creamy "vanilla whiskey Crown Royal" with a streak of caramel running throughout; "lemon drop" made with Absolut Lemon; a cheery pink "watermelon mojito" that will hopefully stick around through the summer; a "peach bellini" made with sparkling wine and thick peach slices; and a simple Chambord-flavored gelato that's a deep raspberry hue. 

Frozen Cafe made a perfect pit-stop after yesterday's super-spicy meal at Qin's Noodle Kitchen, both of which are in the permanently-packed Dun Huang Plaza. I mixed together the vanilla whiskey ice cream with a scoop of Donatella gelato (chocolate blended with hazelnut); at only $3.95 for a double-scoop, it is—like everything else in Chinatown—a brag-worthy bargain.


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