Consider the Calzone

A calzone is a pizza you can take for a stroll.

By Robb Walsh February 18, 2014

Lunch for one in a pizzeria that doesn't serve pizza by the slice leaves you the option or ordering a whole pizza and carrying it around for the rest of the day, or finding something else on the menu worth ordering. Which is where the calzone comes in handy. Essentially a mini-pizza folded over into a half moon shape, a calzone is a single-serving pizza sandwich. The calzone and its chunkier cousin, the stromboli, are especially popular in East Coast pizzerias where they come with a wide variety of fillings.

Reginelli's Pizzeria
12389 Kingsride Lane

I got a "Sergio's Special" calzone at Reginelli's Pizzeria for lunch the other day. One of four varieties on the menu, the Sergio's was stuffed with sausage, green peppers, ricotta, and mozzarella, served with a dollop of red gravy over top.

It was a satisfying lunch, though the sausage and peppers were essentially pizza toppings that were combined at the last minute in the sandwich. I don't know why I expected to find Italian sausage and peppers that had actually been simmered together inside the calzone, but hey, I can dream can't I?

The Fresco pizza with fresh toppings.

Reginelli's is a New Orleans pizzeria—its original location is on Magazine Street in the Uptown neighborhood of the Crescent City. The highly successful chain has a total of seven locations in New Orleans now, and two more in Baton Rouge.

The Memorial City location on Kingsride Lane is the chain's first venture in Houston.   


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