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Ice-Cream Stuffed Cupcakes Are Just the Beginning

Custom Confections—and its chocolate-covered bacon—is ready to rock the Rodeo again this year.

By Katharine Shilcutt February 26, 2014

Kimberley Revis runs Custom Confections with husband Tony. | Photos courtesy Custom Confections

Last year, attendees at the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo ate a record 150 pounds of chocolate-covered bacon. Okay, so we're not sure that it's a bonafide record, per se, but it's still an impressive amount of food.

The folks behind the chocolate-covered bacon—Kimberley and Tony Revis, the husband-and-wife duo who run Custom Confections—took home two prizes in last year’s Gold Buckle Foodie Awards, but not for the bacon. Instead, it was their red velvet cupcakes stuffed with still-frozen ice cream that were the hit of the Rodeo's annual midway food competition, winning them first prize and ensuring the Revises would have to return with an even more creative entry in 2014—but without sacrificing the sweets that made Custom Confections such a popular destination at the Rodeo in 2013.

Fried bananas foster from Custom Confections.

"We will be serving the same treats our customers have grown to love," says Kimberley Revis, "and yes—a new sweet or two as well." We may have gotten a preview of one of those new sweets when Custom Confections competed in the recent Gastrodome throwdown at the Free Press Houston New Year's Eve party. The deep-fried bananas foster presented to a team of judges (myself included) easily swept away the competition—which included heavyweights such as Uchi, Nara, and Prego.

Coming up with new and creative carnival food dishes is a team effort for the Revises. "If we go out to dinner and order dessert and taste the combination of key lime and dark chocolate together, we may decide to turn this combination into a cupcake or cookie," says Kimberley. "I am the baker and chocolate craftsman. My husband is the sugar artist and 'fry master.'"

Tony Revis post-win at last year's Gold Buckle Foodie Awards.

Being the "fry master," Kimberley says, means that her husband will "stand around the truck and just grab things and say, 'Hey what happens if we fry this?' This is how he came up with the fried banana that turned into the fried bananas foster," Kimberley laughs, adding that it's "the most ridiculously delectable thing I think I have ever eaten."

Chocolate-covered bacon has become one of their signature items.

When the Revises aren't plotting new ways to win competitions, they're manning the Custom Confections truck, a lime green bakery on wheels named Mobile Cuisine's Dessert Truck of the Year in 2013. The Revises will be driving the truck to the Rodeo next week, where they'll be competing against dozens of other midway food vendors for top prize at the Gold Buckle Food Awards once again. 

Custom Confections will also be at the Rodeo for the duration of the month-long festival, their little green truck dishing out cupcakes, cookies, and—yes—plenty of chocolate-covered bacon, even though it's a time-consuming treat. "We slow bake it to get it very crisp and degrease it as much as possible," says Kimberley. "Then we have to hand-paint the chocolate onto the bacon, let it set, flip and, repeat. It takes about one-and-a-half hours per batch to make."

But, promises Kimberley, "we are trying to see how we can streamline the process to make this faster to keep up with the demand that the Rodeo will bring."

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