The Pastry Shop That Made Us Understand Kickstarter

Finally, we get it

By Scott Vogel February 2, 2014 Published in the February 2014 issue of Houstonia Magazine

Somewhere on Kickstarter, a theater company that dreams of staging a steampunk version of The Tempest has raised only 3 percent of its goal. Just $1,400 has been pledged toward a book about Vancouver cycle culture, and things are not looking good for a 74-year-old movie theater in Northern Wisconsin. But Houston is not Northern Wisconsin. Houston is a boomtown, even in crowdfunding circles, which is one reason we weren’t terribly surprised to hear that it took Becky Masson just one month to raise $50,000 to open a pastry shop in Midtown.

The other reason is that while Masson is the proprietress of Fluff Bake Bar, a name which has so far denoted a catering company and not an actual place, she has baked a lot of actual cookies and cupcakes, birthday cakes, and moon pies—“over 48,000 pieces of sweet goodness” in 2012 alone, according to her Kickstarter pitch. In the three years since the Wyoming native’s baked goods have been available at Revival Market and a few other places, the public has quietly gone mad for her macarons, hog wild for her hobnobs, fanatical for her fluffernutters. Indeed, Masson could probably have met her Kickstarter goal on the strength of her fluffernutters alone.   

We telephone to congratulate her on the news that Fluff Bake Bar will become an actual place (later this year, that is) and to find out the secret to her legendary “Oreos.”

“Hold on, I’m baking right now,” she says. Pause. Loud sigh. “I don’t even know how to work my own oven. How embarrassing.” Small laugh. “Okay, I’m back.”

About those Oreos….

“You know, I don’t even like Oreos.” No way. “I don’t. But I like to make what people love to eat.” And man, do they love those Oreos.

“A lot of pastry chefs have stopped focusing on that. They focus on what they love.” 

What does Masson love, we wonder? Her lemon bars? Valrhona brownies? Pause. Small sigh. “None of it, really.” Really? 

“Except the snickerdoodles. I’ll fight you for those.”

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