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Bartender Beat: Ross Mohr of Voodoo Queen

Banana Hammocks and Bloody Marys make this bartender happy.

By Alice Alsup May 9, 2014

Photos by Alice Alsup

Ross Mohr won’t tell me the secret to his Bloody Marys. But he will tell me one joke a night every time he’s tending bar at East End dive bar Voodoo Queen. They aren’t always funny (really, Ross, "Schlitz on the Beach"?), but Mohr is a great bartender. So the last time I visited Mohr at the black light-lit bar that's heavy on Nola libations and Tiki tipples, I asked him a couple of questions for this, the first installation of our Bartender Beat series.

Voodoo Queen
322 Milby St.

How long have you been bartending?

I’ve been bartending for 10 years. Started out at Meridian. (Mohr is referring to The Meridian, a downtown/EaDo club that closed in 2010.)

What’s your favorite drink to make?

I like my Bloody Marys that I make; come have one on Sundays [when Voodoo Queen has midday brunch]. I use special sauces, plus lime and… no, they’re secret.

Where do you drink on your off days?

Catbirds, Low Brow, Grand Prize. Lola’s Depot if I’m feelin’ really dirty.

Mohr making a Banana Hammock.

What’s your philosophy on drinking?

There are lots of different types of drunks in the world. Know your type and drink accordingly.

When is it time to cut someone off?

Usually when they’re not making rational decisions or not acting with sense. When you talk to people like you are their grandfather.

What’s the best thing about your bar?

I love my regulars. And that Banana Hammock. 

Finally, what’s with the fishtank?

The fish tank is full of freshwater fish you would see in the brackish water of the Louisiana swamps.

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