A Burger a Day

Houston's Best Burgers for National Hamburger Day

May 28 is National Hamburger Day—but every day is burger day in Houston.

By Katharine Shilcutt May 28, 2014

A classic bacon cheeseburger from Stanton's City Bites.

Humpday has never looked better: that's because today, Wednesday, May 28, is National Hamburger Day. In honor of this totally real, completely legitimate, nationally ratified holiday, we're taking a look back at the Houstonia Top Burgers list from our June 2013 issue.

We still stand by every burger chosen for the list—though, sadly, not all of those burgers stood the test of time. For instance, the Tornado Burger on Long Point no longer serves burgers at all. Instead, Tornado Taco—as it's been renamed—offers up tacos, burritos, and tortas (though one could argue the steak torta is still a burger...of sorts).

Elsewhere, the Hotel Derek no longer serves the Roughneck Burger we so admired last year. In its place, however, talented chef Shannen Tune has added a few other options: the Hangover Burger, which includes hashbrowns, chili-rubbed bacon, and a fried egg, as well as a $16 Kobe burger which you can take even further over the top by adding seared foie gras for $8 and/or a butter-poached lobster tail for $16. Taken together, that would make for a $40 burger—if you could even wrap your mouth around it.

The large cheeseburger from Christian's Tailgate.

Image: Tam Vo

Other burger joints have simply gone out of business, and we toast our fallen friends The Chili Shak (which, for an all-too-brief moment, offered the best chili in Houston), Hubbell & Hudson (the grocery store side, that is), El Gran Malo (which has been reborn downtown as El Big Bad, which offers up an entirely different burger on a challah bun), and The Burger Guys (RIP SO HARD, GUYS).

The good news is that for every burger joint we lose, Houston still has a dozen more left to explore. Personally, I'd like to see our next big burger round-up include the aggressively seasoned, hand-formed burgers at Chief's Cajun Snack Shack and the classic hamburguesa mexicana at Speedy Burger. What would you like to see on Houston's ultimate burger list?



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