Jarro Cafe Is Closed Indefinitely

The Mexican taco joint known for its spicy salsas and fiery food truck has closed.

By Katharine Shilcutt June 26, 2014

UPDATE: The Jarro Cafe taco truck has been located, parked behind the old Schlotzsky's on Memorial at Dairy Ashford. Still no word on the restaurant's closing.

This morning on the Houstonia tip line, we received an email from reader Penny, who noted that it seemed like Spring Branch stalwart Jarro Cafe was no more:

Not a single car in the parking lot at noon on Tuesday and nobody is answering the phone today. Consistency had slipped a bit in the last couple of years, but it was still worth the occasional trip. And the quirky music playlist was a delight!

Turns out Jarro Cafe is indeed closed, but the restaurant had its own reasons for doing so—aside from potential slippage in consistency—posted on the front door when we visited today. A simple white sign read: "CLOSED DUE TO THE POOR INFRASTRUCTURE OF THE BUILDING. SORRY JARRO CAFE." A peek inside its windows revealed that the restaurant had been mostly cleaned out of its furnishings as well. 

Jarro Cafe was open as recently as last month, when our food critic Robb Walsh re-visited the joint—which has long been one of his favorites for tacos in Houston—and placed its truck on our list of the city's best taco trucks. The list can currently be found on newsstands in our July 2014 issue, a guide to Houston's best Tex-Mex, Mexican, and margaritas.

The cafe was known for its intensely spicy salsas and for the line outside in its parking lot each day, where longtime fans of the food truck ignored the cool comfort of the air conditioned restaurant just a few yards away in favor of their typical taco order, eaten standing up. Jarro's taco truck came first, then the cafe in 2003. Not too long ago, Jarro upset its fans by getting rid of its signature salsa bar, though the salsas themselves still remained (you just had to ask for them).

Jarro Cafe has virtually no Internet presence aside from a website that doesn't have a working phone number and a Facebook page that has never once been updated. And as Penny reported, the other phone number listed for Jarro rings off the hook. This means we've been unable to get in touch with owner Guillermo Pinedo (who also doesn't have a working email address listed anywhere) and have hit a dead end in discovering more about the popular cafe's closure, whether it will reopen, or the location of its taco truck—which was nowhere to be found today—but we'll update here if we find out more.


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