Mexican & Margaritas

4 Tex-Mex Breakfast Plates That Rise & Shine

Tacos are hardly the last word in Mexican breakfasts—especially on leisurely weekend mornings when you need to refuel after a long week (or just a long night).

By Katharine Shilcutt July 7, 2014 Published in the July 2014 issue of Houstonia Magazine

The migas at La Guadalupana

Image: Audra Oden

The migas at La Guadalupana are just like mom used to make—assuming your mom was Mexican, of course. Polish a plate off with owner Trancito Diaz’s luxurious café de olla: cinnamon-flavored coffee you can also purchase by the pound.

Gerardo’s is rightly famous for its barbacoa, served only on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays. Made the old-fashioned way, the tender shreds of beef are tucked into messy breakfast tacos that will have you wondering why you don’t eat cow heads more often.

Like any good Tex-Mex joint, La Mexicana only serves its menudo on the weekend, and that’s because the life-affirming soup is made from scratch. Add diced onions and chile pequin to perk up the dish—and your droopy eyelids—even more.

Los Corrales makes its machaca (dried, shredded beef) and tortillas from scratch—no surprise, as the place is a machaca factory first and foremost, although luckily there’s also a tiny dining room where fans can enjoy a plate of machacado con huevo straight from the source.

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