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5 Awesome Breakfast Tacos to Try Today

What the bagel is to NYC, the breakfast taco is to Houston—so you’d better get it right.

By Katharine Shilcutt June 24, 2014 Published in the July 2014 issue of Houstonia Magazine

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Breakfast tacos at Villa Arcos

Villa Arcos

There’s a wicked wait, but it’s worth it for the best chicharrón-and-egg tacos in town. Each bite of crisped-up pig skin brings an addictive crunch you’ll never find in the stewed variety.

Brothers Taco House

Pass up the “weiner and egg” combo in favor of the classic chorizo on a fresh flour tortilla topped with a spoonful of salsa verde.

Chilosos Taco House

A taco with Chappell Hill sausage and eggs + some of the fluffiest flour tortillas you’ve ever encountered = the ultimate Tex-Mex breakfast.

Laredo Taqueria

Even the most basic potato-and-egg taco tastes amazing thanks to Laredo’s homemade tortillas and zesty, fiery salsas.

Tacos a Go-Go

The breakfast tacos here cost nearly $2.50 each, but these behemoths are well worth it, especially when stuffed with your pick of toppings. Note to late risers: they’re served all day long and late into the night.

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