Sure, you can order a cheeseburger at Sam's Deli Diner—and indeed, that's what you'll find most of your fellow patrons ordering at the popular Memorial greasy spoon, which has specialized in burgers since the 1970s.

Sam's Deli Diner
11637 Katy Fwy.

Framed photos of fans who've tackled Sam's famous All-Day Burger (a 1/3-pound patty topped with bacon, ham, sausage patties, a fried egg, two kinds of cheese, and all the fixings) line the counter on your way to the register where you place your order; you may find yourself swayed by their hubris and tempted to order an All-Day Burger for yourself. Go ahead, if you must, but you'll be missing one of the diner's best dishes: the Texas cheesesteak.

On top of an otherwise milquetoast hoagie roll goes a hefty amount of roast beef, grilled mushrooms, sauteed onions, almost too much Swiss cheese, tangy mayonnaise, and a healthy handful of chopped, pickled jalapeños. The key here is how well-seasoned everything is, from the salty roast beef to the mushrooms that carry plenty of smoke from a grill that's served generations of Westsiders. The sandwich falls apart nearly the moment you lift it to your mouth, but you didn't come to Sam's Deli Diner to have a prim and proper lunch (or else you wouldn't be thinking about ordering that All-Day Burger). You came here to tuck in, Texas-style, and this messy cheesesteak is just the ticket.

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