On a Roll

Maine-ly Sandwiches Goes Mobile

Making it even more convenient to eat lobster, mayonnaise, and bread, no matter where you are.

By Katharine Shilcutt November 19, 2014

A half lobster roll and lobster bisque: bring it, cold weather.

This past weekend, Maine-ly Sandwiches broke the world record for longest lobster roll by serving up a monstrosity that was just over 106 feet long (take that Portland, Maine and your puny 61-foot lobster roll). But on its new food truck, the lobster roll king of Houston serves its sandwiches in two sizes only: half a roll for $10 or a whole, foot-long roll for $20.

For most people, the half-roll is generous enough for a meal—especially when paired with a cup of chowder (the truck also serves lobster bisque as well as its famous whoopie pies). And though food truck fare often differs from what you'll find in a restaurant's brick-and-mortar location, the lobster rolls from Maine-ly are exactly the same no matter where you find them: sweet chunks of lobster in a simple mayonnaise dressing, tucked inside a buttered and lightly toasted roll that almost melts away in your mouth like cotton candy.

Here's a bonus picture of my grandmother enjoying her first lobster roll.

Maine-ly Sandwiches' new truck debuted in September, though it can often be tough to track down. Its Twitter account doesn't list upcoming locations; its Facebook page is a better bet, although it's still spotty at best. Here in the Heights, we've routinely spotted the truck posted up at Little Woodrow's on Studewood at White Oak and it's also been known to decamp to the Houston Food Park in EaDo and as far away as Katy.

Can't find the truck at all? There are three locations of Maine-ly Sandwiches, including the original near Greenspoint, the big Montrose eatery, and its newest spot in Kingwood. Still want that lobster roll on wheels? Grubsquad delivers—but only from the Montrose location and only until 7:30 p.m., so no midnight lobster roll munchies for you.


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