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Red or White for Turkey Day?

Head to the Thanksgiving food and wine pairing at French Country Wines to find the best bottle for you (and your guests).

By Wendy Cawthon November 14, 2014

Everyone will be so much more thankful with the right wine.

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The traditional Thanksgiving feast has evolved a lot since the 17th century, but it’s probably safe to say that the changes have been for the better. We’ve taken away the venison, eels, and squash and added in more palatable stuffing, gravy, cranberries, and pie.

While we can’t fault the Pilgrims for not partaking in the jellied versus whole cranberry sauce debate, there’s one ingredient missing from the first Thanksgiving menu that would be inexcusable today: wine.

But this brings another element of anxiety to an already stressful day—what kind of wine do you serve? Your guests like red, but can you serve that with poultry? What kind of white will pair with dessert, sweet or dry?

French Country Wines will be holding a Thanksgiving food and wine pairing on Saturday, November 22 to take the guesswork out of your menu planning. This will give you a chance to learn what flavors will pair best with your bird and you’ll have plenty of time to stock up on a few bottles before the big day.

The event is free and will feature samples ranging from turkey to dessert, along with appropriate French wines to go with them. Maybe a glass of Rabasse-Charavin Cuvée Estevenas 2010 to pair with the turkey? Or some Domaine Mucyn Crozes Hermitage Blanc 2012 to serve with appetizers?

There will also be a selection of handmade cheeses to try from Houston Dairymaids. The Thanksgiving tasting will run from 3 to 6 p.m., but the winery will also be holding their usual Saturday tasting event from noon to 6 p.m.

French Country Wines, Thanksgiving Food & Wine Pairing, Nov. 22, 3-6 p.m., 2433 Bartlett St., 713-993-9500,

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