8 Romantic Wine Pairings for Valentine’s Day

Just like you and your Valentine, these classic wine pairings are, well, made for each other.

By Jeremy Parzen February 4, 2015 Published in the February 2015 issue of Houstonia Magazine

When it comes to wine pairings, many subscribe to that old adage—if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it—and for good reason. Below are some classic pairings that have aided suitors in seduction since time immemorial, along with specific recommendations for the wines in question, all of which are available in Houston. They may just lead you to your own lover’s heart this Valentine’s Day. 

That said, where true romance is concerned, rules are also meant to be broken. Bollinger Champagne Special Cuvée and pepperoni pizza from Luigi’s on Bissonnet, for instance, flies in the face of everything we know about love and food. And yet, that’s just what one wine writer will be pouring for his wife this year…

  1. Sweet Sauternes and rich foie gras
    Château Filhot Sauternes ($39.99, Houston Wine Merchant)
  2. Oxidative Muscadet and briny raw oysters
    Domaine de Beauregard Muscadet ($12.62, Spec’s)
  3. Earthy Nebbiolo and tangy Robiola cheese from Piedmont
    Produttori del Barbaresco ($34.41, Spec’s)
  4. Delicately scented Pinot Noir and fatty roast duck breast
    Dujac Fils et Pere Chambolle-Musigny ($73.67, Spec’s)
  5. Jammy Zinfandel and a juicy burger and crisp French fries 
    Ridge Zinfandel Three Valleys ($24.99, Houston Wine Merchant)
  6. Plump Sangiovese with a well-seared (but not well-done) steak
    Villa di Vetrice Chianti Rufina Riserva ($15.78, Spec’s)
  7. Bone-dry Riesling and smoked salmon 
    Huber Riesling Terassen ($21.99, Houston Wine Merchant)
  8. Racy Champagne and unctuous fish roe
    Billecart-Salmon Brut Reserve ($29.36, Spec’s)
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