Comfort Food

Grilled Cheese, Four Ways

Four restaurants offer very different, yet very Houstonian, takes on the comfort food classic.

By Katharine Shilcutt February 16, 2015 Published in the February 2015 issue of Houstonia Magazine

From top to bottom: Ladybird, Shepherd Park Draught House, The Golden Grill, Max’s Wine Dive

Image: Audra Oden


Food truck,
Chef: Adrian de la Cerda
What’s in it: green tomatoes, Veldhuizen Texas Gold Cheddar, Texas goat cheese, Brooklyn ricotta, pickled okra remoulade
Order it with: tater tots with truffle dipping sauce
Price: $7.50 (plus $4 for the tots)

Shepherd Park Draught House

Chef: Ken Bridge
What’s in it: Cheddar, Swiss, Nantucket pimento cheese
Served with: tomato-basil cream bisque
Price: $9.50

The Golden Grill

Food truck,
Chef: Matthew Pak 
What’s in it: your choice of Cheddar, American, Monterey Jack, and more (Classic); roasted pork, apple jam (Carnitas); house-made peach jam, Brie (Peaches N Cream)
Order it with: bacon-feta potato salad
Price: $5–$8 (plus $3 for the salad)

Max’s Wine Dive

Chef: Michael Pellegrino
What’s in it: gruyère, Provolone, roasted red bell pepper pimento cheese
Served with: tomato soup


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