From top to bottom: Ladybird, Shepherd Park Draught House, The Golden Grill, Max’s Wine Dive

Image: Audra Oden


Food truck,
Chef: Adrian de la Cerda
What’s in it: green tomatoes, Veldhuizen Texas Gold Cheddar, Texas goat cheese, Brooklyn ricotta, pickled okra remoulade
Order it with: tater tots with truffle dipping sauce
Price: $7.50 (plus $4 for the tots)

Shepherd Park Draught House

Chef: Ken Bridge
What’s in it: Cheddar, Swiss, Nantucket pimento cheese
Served with: tomato-basil cream bisque
Price: $9.50

The Golden Grill

Food truck,
Chef: Matthew Pak 
What’s in it: your choice of Cheddar, American, Monterey Jack, and more (Classic); roasted pork, apple jam (Carnitas); house-made peach jam, Brie (Peaches N Cream)
Order it with: bacon-feta potato salad
Price: $5–$8 (plus $3 for the salad)

Max’s Wine Dive

Chef: Michael Pellegrino
What’s in it: gruyère, Provolone, roasted red bell pepper pimento cheese
Served with: tomato soup


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