Don't want to make the drive to Belden's for Passover this year? Well, that's kind of a weird excuse, since you literally have an entire month between now and then, but okay. Whole Foods Market has you covered, with a bunch of brand-new kosher products for the impending Pesach.

Beginning March 1, look for a huge line-up of Kedem Food Products offerings including biodynamic grape juice (it's the new trend in the wine world, so why not in grape juice?) and a big assortment of other organic, natural, and/or gluten-free foods. Kedem and Whole Foods began collaborating on these products nine years ago, after noticing a demand for more kosher products that also lined up with modern dietary choices.

"When it comes to kosher for Passover foods, shoppers will always look for the favorites they grew up with," said Harold Weiss, executive vice president of Kedem Food Products in a press release, "but they’re also looking for a new twist on tradition—from whole wheat and gluten-free to vegan and organic options. We’ve worked with Whole Foods Market for years, developing products that meet shoppers’ dietary needs and also meet the company’s standards, including no artificial colorings, preservatives or sweeteners."

"Who knew of Harrison’s Original Sweet Shoppe, All Natural/Fair Trade Chocolate Chips, Rebecca and Rose Gluten-Free Brownie Crunch or Yehuda Organic Matzo for Passover," added Weiss. "None of these products were available until Kedem developed a program to bring them to Whole Foods."

And even if you're still heading to Belden's or Three Brothers to stock up this year, you may want to peek inside your local Whole Foods Market to check out the kosher items that only Whole Foods sells for now.

"Kedem helped us deliver," said Dwight Richmond, global grocery purchasing coordinator (that title, whoa) for Whole Foods. "They created new, natural versions of traditional products, like the first commercially available tilapia gefilte fish specifically for our stores, and now we carry items shoppers simply can’t find anywhere else."


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