Meatless Monday

The Rice Box Truck Has Your Vegetarian Hookup

Though best known for its kung pao and sweet-and-sour chicken, this food truck does tofu too.

By Katharine Shilcutt March 16, 2015

Whether you celebrate Meatless Monday each week or you're simply prone to going meatless for most, if not all, of your meals, you may find navigating the food truck world a little tough. Outside of specifically vegetarian-oriented food trucks such as Bare Bowls and Ripe Cuisine Food Truck, finding meatless options onboard food trucks can be hit or miss. That's why we love The Rice Box, where every single entree can be made with tofu, from sweet-and-sour to kung pao.

We picked the kung pao option when we visited The Rice Box today at the MFAH, where the food truck is part of the Museum District's rotating lunchtime line-up of trucks. In place of fried chicken, fried tofu (hey, we didn't say it was healthy...just meatless) is tossed in a spicy sauce with red chiles, peanuts, cabbage, celery, red bell peppers, and green onions, served on a bed of white rice. As with all of The Rice Box's entrees, the kung pao tofu is served with an eggroll on the side. Beware: the eggroll contains chicken, but it's so delicious that you may find yourself tempted to cheat and eat it anyway. We did. Shhhh. Update: the eggroll is vegetarian! We repeat: the eggroll is vegetarian! Consume with joy!


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