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Happy Hour of the Week: Sanctuari Bar

Your "daily devotional" awaits at this temple to tipples.

By Katharine Shilcutt April 23, 2015

Your daily devotional awaits at Sanctuari.

Image: Audra Oden

At Sanctuari, the bar half of Triniti, there's a reverance for the cocktail that shows even in the naming conventions of the place: the mocktail section of the menu is called Sunday School, while other sections contain cocktails under headings such as Communion, Confirmed, and Ordained. No surprise then that Sanctuari's happy hour is referred to as a Daily Devotional, where you can come and comfortably worship at this temple to tipples.

2815 S. Shepherd Dr.

This moderate, restrained happy hour is a microcosm of Sanctuari itself; you're not here to guzzle cheap cans of beer or knock back shots, but rather to bask in the creations of bar manager Laurie Sheddan and her talented team of bartenders. That said, you can get $3 tall-boys of Lone Star and $6 well drinks during the happy hour window, which runs from 4 to 6 p.m. Tuesday through Friday. But you're here for a cocktail or two—definitely two, since they're all half-off during happy hour (as are select glasses of wine), which makes this a certified BOGO event.

Rye, bourbon, blended whiskeys and mezcal are all the rage right now in the spirit world, and they're all well-highlighted here at Sanctuari, where you'll find twist on old classics such as the Apricot Old Fashioned with apricot-infused bourbon and new creations such as the Smoking Jacket, which combines cedar-scented Monkey Shoulder whisky, white Port, Dolin Genepy and Johnny Walker Gold misted over flamed apple bitters in a fiery display the likes of which you'd probably never find in a real temple. Lucky for you, this Sanctuari only offers protection against one thing: boring drinks.

You need a little fire and brimstone in your life.


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