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6 Worthy Whiskey Cocktails to Try

In honor of the upcoming World Whiskey Day, a collection of cocktails for the local connoisseur

By Kayla Stewart May 12, 2015

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As Mark Twain once said, “Too much of anything is bad, but too much good whiskey is barely enough.” There’s no arguing with of the greatest writers in American history, nor the fact that World Whisky Day takes place this Saturday, May 16. With that in mind, a collection of cocktails with which to toast the holiday and the man who gave us Huck Finn.

Black & Tan
Anvil Bar & Refuge

It’s only right to include this refreshing concoction on the list during berry season. I typically like my whiskey accompanied with minimal ingredients, so it took some time to wrap my head around blackberries flavoring my whiskey. To no one's great surprise, Anvil gets it more than right. The bonded rye, lime, ginger beer, blackberries and mint make one the bar's most impressive cocktails, and one that's almost always on my tab during happy hour.

Cheer’s Darlin’

Cottonwood proves that even ice houses can make a respectable cocktail. The Cheers Darlin’—the name of which reminds me why I love Texas so much—uses lemon, basil, agave nectar and soda to compliment a dram of Buffalo Trace Bourbon. On your initial sip, you may be fooled into thinking the drink isn’t that strong. Halfway in, you’ll realize that this drink is not one to be reckoned with. Enjoy this cocktail with a side of Cottonwood's barbecued oysters for greatest effect.

Dehli Sour

Simply, yet satisfying. That’s the key to Boheme’s Delhi sour. The cocktail, made with rye, tamarind, lemon and clove, is a part of the restaurant's new cocktail menu after some major changes were made last year. The changes are welcome, as this soothing cocktail is a prime example of the leaps in maturity the Montrose bar-restaurant has made in recent years.

Southern Harvest
Down the Street

At this hidden gem in Cottage Grove, you'll find the boilermaker-in-a-glass that's the Southern Harvest. This cocktail combines Blue Moon and Bulleit bourbon with lemon juice, orange bitters and orange marmalade, make a solid case for a good whiskey cocktail. The beer addition may seem risky, but it pays off in making the drink a soothing, Southern glass of bliss.

Suffering Bastard
Double Trouble

I’ve yet to try a cocktail at Double Trouble I don’t like, and the suffering bastard doesn’t disappoint. Bourbon and gin are the base for this spicy cocktail, and the lemon, angostura, and spicy jamaican beer adds the necessary kick to make this one of the absolute best whiskey cocktails in Houston. An easy summer favorite, I’d suggest ordering this on the weekend, as it’s nearly impossible to not ask for a second.

Old Fashioned
Johnny's Gold Brick

The newest bar in the Heights is making a name for itself with its superb version of the classic Old Fashioned. Topped of with a black cherry, the drink is strong, smooth and somewhat whimsical, an impressive feat for the new guys in town—plus, it's only $8 every day.



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