Restaurants Across Houston Remain Closed Due to Flooding

Bernie's Burger Bus, Underbelly, Lopez and others are currently closed.

By Katharine Shilcutt May 26, 2015

The scene from the parking lot at Lopez Mexican Restaurant in Stafford this morning.

Update: Bernie's will reopen for dinner at 5 p.m., and Lopez reported that the restaurant didn't take on any water, though they'll remain closed until tomorrow.

Many Houston roadways—and restaurants—remain closed today after nearly a foot of rain fell last night, flooding much of the city. In Stafford, where the area received almost 10 inches of rain overnight, Lopez Mexican Restaurant announced that it would be closed for the rest of the day. A picture posted from across the parking lot showed floodwaters approaching the restaurant, prompting many to ask on Facebook if the restaurant had taken on any water. Calls to the restaurant for comment went unanswered, however.

Meanwhile in Bellaire, Bernie's Burger Bus announced that it too would be closed today, though owner Justin Turner alluded to the possibility that the burger joint could reopen in time for dinner. The restaurant didn't take on any water, Turner said, but flooded streets in both Bellaire and Braeswood, where he and much of his staff live, had made it difficult to even get to work. "I'm going to go try and see in the next 30 minutes if I can get to the restaurant and determine the situation," Turner said when asked about dinner service, which he believed would likely happen tonight.

Situated across the East Freeway from downtown, the Saint Arnold Brewery had a view of some of the city's worst flooding last night. As a result, the brewery is closed today for lunch, but perhaps lunch only. "Stay tuned for update on the public tour and tasting," the brewery posted on Twitter. In downtown proper, Hubcap Grill noted that its locations both there and in the Heights would both be closed today, though the Kemah location remains open. And a few blocks away from Hubcap's location on Prairie St., Prohibition Supper Club & Bar reported that it would be closed for lunch but reopening for happy hour at 4 p.m.

Though flooding in Montrose wasn't as severe as in the west and southwest portions of the city, La Guadalupana remained closed for both breakfast and lunch while Underbelly announced on Twitter: "We want everyone to be safe today, including our employees. We'll be closed for lunch today." And if you were looking forward to your weekly trip to the Rice University Farmers Market, you'll have to wait until next Tuesday. "Due to hazardous weather conditions, the market is closed today," the market announced on Facebook. "We will see you next week!"

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