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Food Truck Lovers, Your Festivals Have Arrived

ForTheLoveOfFoodTrucks brings a line-up of festivals starting this weekend.

By Andrea Siso August 24, 2015

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The well-known Tila's Tacos truck will appear, along with many others, at this Saturday's ForTheLoveOfFoodTrucks festival.

If you're a fan of both charity and chowing down, why not kill two birds with one stone this weekend? This Saturday from 11 a.m. to 7 p.m., ForTheLoveOfFoodTrucks—a food truck festival that regularly pops up in different spots around Houston—will be hosting its first charity-driven fest to benefit the Citizens for Animal Protection (CAP) non-profit shelter. The fest will be held at CAP’s Back to School adoption event, and will bring in upwards of five food trucks—including big names like Tila’s Tacos and Sabor Venezolano. Even buzz-worthy Honeychild’s Sweet Creams will make an appearance.

The man behind the fest is Sean Jaehne, whose background in event planning helped him create ForTheLoveOfFoodTrucks as a platform where food trucks and landowners could connect. “At first, I wanted to provide awareness [of] where trucks could rent out spaces,” he remarks, “but now I really want to encourage solid relationships between the landowners and the food trucks.” And you know what that means for us—more food truck festivals, held more often. ForTheLoveOfFoodTrucks already has two additional events lined up for September, both of which will take place in the Heights.

Although ForTheLoveOfFoodTrucks usually charges a small entry fee of $1 or $2 for their festivals, you can go to this Saturday’s event free of charge. Jaehne only encourages attendees to make donations in support of the shelter. “CAP is different,” he says. “They hold animals longer than other shelters, and don’t want to euthanize. They’re in it for the survival and well-being of the animals.” Jaehne wants to work with CAP more consistently, and is planning to host an even bigger event at the shelter in the future.

You can check out more about this Saturday’s event, as well as upcoming events, online.

ForTheLoveOfFoodTrucks Festival, August 29, 11 a.m. to 4 p.m., CAP Animal Shelter, 17555 Katy Fwy., 281-497-0591

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