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Tacos a Go-Go will turn any taco—even its breakfast tacos!—into a puffy taco for 50 cents more.

In case you were running out of reasons to love Tacos a Go-Go (which is crazy; they serve breakfast tacos all day! And they're huge and crazy cheap! They have an amazing salsa and hot sauce selection! They stock Mexican Coke! I mean, come on...), here's one more reason: puffy tacos.

That's right. Puffy tacos. As part of a menu redesign, the Houston taco chain—which is on the verge of opening its third location in Oak Forest—has added puffy tacos to its line-up. This makes Tacos a Go-Go one of the few places in the city to get the San Antonio speciality, alongside El Real Tex-Mex Cafe in Montrose and the iconic Fiesta Loma Linda in the East End.

This whole puffy taco thing came as a complete surprise to me when I walked into the Heights Tacos a Go-Go the other night for a standard dinner of breakfast tacos (like I said...). There I found a completely different menu than the one I've become accustomed to since owner Sharon Haynes opened the first Tacos a Go-Go on Main St. next door to the Continental Club in 2006.

The restaurant hasn't done much yet in the way of promoting the new menu; there's been no mention of it on its social media accounts, nor have I even received a press release to that effect. The end result, the cashier laughed, has been a significant number of confused patrons. The tamales and tortas are gone, which has rankled some long-time customers, but that irritation, she said, diminishes when they see what Tacos a Go-Go has added in its place.

In addition to offering customers the ability to make any taco on its menu puffy for an extra 50 cents, the restaurant has added a slew of new tacos that align with its tongue-in-cheek take on Tex-Mex: pork belly that's slow-cooked in Saint Arnold beer and topped with a cilantro cream sauce, for instance, and Mexican tater tots that are sure to appeal across the board to vegetarians or carnivores, kids or adults. (I personally wolfed one down before even thinking to offer my poor fiance a bite.) You'll also find those spicy tater tots in a dish called Totchos a Go-Go, a new take on nachos that replaces the standard chips with tots and tops them with black beans, queso, crispy bacon, salsa, pickled jalapeños, tomatoes, fresh cilantro and sour cream. If Napoleon Dynamite lived in Texas, we're sure he'd approve.

But back to those puffy tacos... I've had some really terrible puffy tacos in my life—all of them consumed outside their natural habitat of San Antonio—and I'm pleased to report that the two I tried that night at Tacos a Go-Go would do the Alamo City proud, with that telltale crunch before your teeth sink into the soft, chewy center of the deep-fried flour tortilla. I didn't have a camera on-hand to capture the magnificence that night (see above re: shocking new menu), but that just means you'll have to visit Tacos a Go-Go yourself to witness them firsthand. I can think of worse ways to celebrate Tex-Mex Tuesday.


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