Moving Sidewalk Debuts an Astroworld-Themed Cocktail Menu

The downtown bar offers a kitschy homage to the park that closed a decade ago this month.

By Katharine Shilcutt October 5, 2015

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The last time Moving Sidewalk unveiled a themed cocktail menu, it was the dog days of summer and the beachy, throwback Point Break motif seemed particularly buoying in the face of constant heat and humidity. Two months later and flush against the incoming fall temperatures comes something even more nostalgia-inducing than our current crisp, high school homecoming weather: an Astroworld-themed drink menu, complete with faux Astroworld map.

Fans of the amusement park that closed 10 years ago this month will no doubt remember the bird's-eye view maps offered near the entrance, which guided patrons to Villages both European and Oriental, Alpine and Nottingham, as well as all of the coasters a kid could count. You'll recognize those souvenir maps as the inspiration for the new menus at Moving Sidewalk, with drinks named after each of the park's most popular rides.

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The full line-up of Astroworld-themed cocktails debuts today at Moving Sidewalk.

The Texas Cyclone is a take on the classic margarita, with cool cucumbers balancing out hot peppers, while the XLR-8—named for the coaster that allowed legs to dangle free while it whooshed riders around a looping track from suspended cars—features bubbly Prosecco with gin, citrus, pear and fennel. The Greezed Lightnin sounds like an all-American autumn in a glass, with apple butter-washed apple brandy that can be served hot or cold, while the Ultra Twister is—true to its notoriously rough namesake—"temporarily closed for maintenance."

And while Thomas Wolfe remains sadly correct in his assertion that you can't go home again, we can think of no better way to revisit Astroworld as an adult—an adult that can toast the last drop of the Sky Screamer, 10 stories lower and 10 years later. The new menu debuts today at 5 p.m.

Moving Sidewalk, 306 Main St.,


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