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Baker St. Pub in Rice Village has closed after 15 years.

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As if the loss of dim sum favorite Yum Yum Cha last summer wasn't crushing enough for fans of Rice Village, Baker St. Pub announced this week that it had lost its lease after 15 years spent slinging Boddington's and bangers. Seriously, what's next? The Ginger Man? Istanbul Grill? D'Amico's? We can't handle this kind of change, y'all. We're hanging on by a thread over here. (God help us all if the Astrodome is ever actually demolished.)

According to a short press release, "Fort Worth-based Trademark Property Co. elected not to renew the popular pub’s lease at 5510 Morningside Dr. in favor of pursuing more restaurant and retail space in the Village Arcade retail center." And while it's not the only Baker St. Pub in Houston—there are five here, plus seven others throughout Texas, Colorado and Oklahoma—the British pub was a stalwart member of the Rice Village bar and restaurant community.

Hospitality USA, the Houston-based group that also manages Local Pour and Sherlock’s, is currently searching for another location for Baker St. Meanwhile, we'll simply pour one out for the pub that, along with neighbors such as Little Woodrow's and The Gorgeous Gael, helped transform the area into one of the few walkable nightlife destinations in Houston since opening in 2000.

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Heights Candy Bar is closing January 9, and everything must go.

Elsewhere, a shop we just profiled in our December issue as one of our favorite spots for a sweet treat also announced its closure this week. Heights Candy Bar at 833 Studewood opened in 2014 after longtime Heights resident Tanita Gumney took over a recently vacated space in her mother-in-law's building. The space also housed her MIL's longtime business, Oolala, which is also closing after 13 years now that owner Judy Pfardresher has decided to retire.

"I'll never look at soda bottles again due to a Harvard 5th grader who came weekly to get a treat—sometimes with a sibling—sometimes he'd get something for his mom—great kid," wrote Gumney on Facebook. "He'd never spend all his money, but he did get really close. I love the kids who come by after school and the girls who come by and help me restock and organize. I am so glad and honored that Heights Candy Bar got to be their candy story."

Heights Candy Bar will close its doors on January 9, which means you still have a few days left to peruse its shelves and baskets of nostalgic candies and gourmet goodies. Even more incentive: all of the inventory is at least 50 percent off, and candy keeps, so you may as well stock up on stocking stuffers a year early.


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