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Compleat Cuisine Delivers Gourmet Lunch Boxes With a Treat

Get your creative juices flowing with crayons and a coloring sheet inside each box lunch.

By Megha Tejpal March 23, 2016

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Crayons and a coloring sheet are a side dish in every gourmet lunch box from Compleat Cuisine.

No matter our age, opening a sack lunch and finding a treat packed with our meal never gets old. Whether it's a note from our sweet or a sweet of the chocolate chip variety, something beyond the typical sandwich, chips and soda is a nice touch to break up a tedious work or school day. Houston-based gourmet catering company Compleat Cuisine takes this concept and incorporates it into its gourmet lunch box delivery service.

The family-owned business has been known for it high-quality catering services for more than 25 years and that staying power might owe to adapting to the times. The latest trend to find its way into Compleat's lunch boxes? Coloring sheets and crayons, an answer to the growing adult coloring book trend. Think of it as a modern-day happy meal for adults, but with a treat meant to spur creativity (not promote a movie franchise) or serve as an antidote to fidgety hands or the all-too-common "can't put down the phone" pandemic. 

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The Rodeo Odelay box is fit for a cowboy with a hearty brisket sandwich, chile-lime slaw, black-eyed pea salad and ancho chocolate chip cookie.

Image: Megha Tejpal

With a menu ranging from monthly specials—we opted for the Rodeo Odelay lunch box as a farewell to this year's Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo season—to breakfast boxes and hot entrées like Parmesan crusted chicken or vegetarian lasagna, you'll find much more than hot and cold sandwiches here. Meals, which include sides and desserts, change seasonally, keeping the menu appealing for professionals on the go. Add the entertainment of a childhood pastime and you've got a happy meal indeed.

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Every meal is a gift.

Image: Megha Tejpal

Compleat Cuisine sets itself apart from other catering companies in more ways than one. There is no limit on order size: Boxes are available for large corporate gigs, but also lunch at home in front of the laptop for one. And trust us, this is one charming lunch delivery. Each lunch box comes tied in gold ribbon, like a gift waiting to be unwrapped. Both the food items and coloring supplies are carefully packaged, ensuring a lunch delivery experience sure to delight—and entertain.

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