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The Mixt&pe Pairs Brandy and Punk Tunes

Grand Prize Bar's Lindsay Rae will craft music-powered cocktails this weekend.

By Ross Livingston June 15, 2016

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Brandy cocktails might be the next big thing.

The cocktail craze around the country is in full swing, and has been for quite some time. It has outlasted the bacon-flavored-everything craze, the “it’s cooler if it’s smaller” slider craze and even the slow gallop of cupcakes into the foodie sunset.

Craft cocktails typically trade in homemade syrups and local ingredients, but the mixers are usually mainstay liquors such as vodka, gin, whiskey and rum. While Houston bar patrons have yet to grow tired of these, our bartenders are a curious bunch, always searching for the next ingredient and inspiration for their newest creations. They might have already found both. Brandy could be the new cocktail craze and, as is so often in life, music is the inspiration at one upcoming event.

With brandy cocktails popping up on menus at Anvil, Part & Parcel and Bramble, Copper & Kings American Brandy Co. is looking to expand on brandy’s popularity and usefulness in their The Mixt&pe project. In cities across the U.S., Copper & Kings is challenging local bartenders to use their favorite music to inspire new and imaginative brandy-based cocktails.

Our local drink slinger to answer the call is Grand Prize Bar’s Lindsay Rae. Rae will use Nikki Lane’s outlaw-spirited country sounds to inspire her drink. She'll be joined by Copper & Kings' own Marie Zahn, who will channel the NYC punk power of The Cramps for her creation.

Be among the first to get in on the brandy cocktail craze when it all goes down this Sunday, June 19, 8 p.m. at Grand Prize Bar.

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