Snooze, an AM Eatery Opens in Montrose

The cult favorite import from Denver debuts in Houston.

By Katharine Shilcutt July 20, 2016

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Note the serve-yourself coffee near the front door, which will come in handy if you end up waiting for a table at Snooze.

Every time I've been to Colorado in the last few years, friends have told me, "You have to eat at Snooze!" Of course, that's easier said than done at the Denver-born chain which regularly boasts hours-long lines in the morning for its famous pancakes and brunch plates, including its signature breakfast pot pie. And every time, I've ended up eating breakfast somewhere else, whether at Toast in Littleton or at Foolish Craig's in Boulder, simply because I couldn't stand the wait.

I find it intensely amusing, then, that I've inadvertently waited three years to try Snooze—that's how long it took between the first time I tried to eat at Snooze in Boulder and today, when I finally ate my first banana pudding pancakes at the new Houston location in Montrose. Fully styled "Snooze, an AM Eatery," the 10-year-old restaurant chain is known for its elaborate line-up of morning foods and cocktails in addition to servers outfitted in superhero costumes and capes. It's a deliberately quirky schtick that fits well in New Montrose, where Snooze has moved into a bright and cheerful corner space across the street from Disco Kroger.

Img 9239 zj4xho

Front: banana pudding pancakes; rear: chilaquiles benedict

Though it has locations in California and Arizona in addition to those throughout Colorado, this represents Snooze's first entry into the Houston market. It's not the company's first rodeo in Texas, however; two Austin locations opened earlier this summer. Even in a quirky-breakfast-joint-saturated city like Austin, Snooze is already getting good reviews from diners hungry for more. There's no doubt its Montrose location will draw huge crowds too; the food—or at least the barbacoa chilaquiles benedict and the banana pudding pancakes I tried during its soft opening this morning—is excellent, and there's very little breakfast competition in the area.

Also upping the ante: free, serve-yourself, locally-roasted coffee served in green-friendly reusable cups while you wait; daily hours of 6:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m.; pancake flights that let you choose up to three different flavors at a time; a bar stocked with local beers and craft liquor; boozy coffee drinks made with said liquors, including something called a Mayan Mocha made with Ancho Reyes liqueur, espresso, steamed milk, chocolate, cinnamon and vanilla syrup that I need to try straight away; and a bloody mary that contains both fish sauce and Sriracha and is also going on my checklist right now.

After a two-day soft opening period in which all proceeds went to local nonprofits Urban Harvest and Heroes for Children, Snooze will be open to the public tomorrow morning at 6:30. I can't promise there won't be a line, but any wait for those pancakes is better than the three-year wait I foolishly endured.

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